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Autodesk AutoCAD Software is a viable computer-aided design & drafting application. The software is developed and promoted by Autodesk. The AutoCAD app is released initially in December 1982 as a desktop program running on microcomputers with IGC (Internal Graphics Controllers). Before the introduction of AutoCAD, most marketable CAD programs ran on minicomputer or mainframe computers, with each CAD user working at different graphics terminal. In 2010, it was released as a web and mobile app and promoted as AutoCAD 360.

This AutoCAD Software is used by a large range of industries, project managers, by architects, graphic designers, engineers, town planners, and various other professionals. The program was supported by over seven hundred and fifty training centers globally in 1994.

Autodesk AutoCAD subscription includes expert toolsets and obtains access to greater mobility, industry-specific performance with new mobile and web apps, and the new and updated features.  This AutoCAD helps you speed up your work with certain libraries and features for architecture, mechanical design, 3D-mapping and more and allows you to work in well-known AutoCAD interface. Just AutoCAD with the latest mobile and web apps give you the complete flexibility and freedom to work on anywhere, anything, and at any time. Draft and design using the new functionality and features integrated with subscriber-only updates.

AutoCAD features:

  • It produces 2D documentation & drawings with a complete set of editing, drawing, and annotation tools.
  • Create and conserve any design with 3D visualization and modeling tools.
  • Customize AutoCAD so that it can help you enhance productivity and implement CAD standards.
  • Use specific toolsets and modify AutoCAD with an extension from the AAS (Autodesk APP Store).
  • AutoCAD feature allows you to share and utilize PDF and DGN data files, Bing Maps, Navisworks, and AutoCAD mobile app.
  • Allows you to get access to your drawings from the web, desktop, and mobile.

DWG compare: Quickly recognize and document graphical dissimilarity between two versions of xref. or drawing.
2D graphics improvement:  Now, with this new graphics, you can enjoy 2 times faster zoom, change, and pan draw orders and level properties.

Save to web and mobile: This feature allows you to save drawings from your PC. Allows you to view and edit them on the AutoCAD mobile and web apps.

PDF import Improvements: Imoirtm SHX font file, geometry, raster images, TTT (True Type Text), fills, into a drawing PDF form.

The power to drawing just about anything

Autodesk AutoCAD is totally a graphic design application that is mostly used for designing objects, buildings, and anything that needs accuracy in 3D or 2D. It can be very difficult for beginners, but there is extended documentation and sequences of tutorials that can help you get started. Also, you should know that AutoCAD system needs can charge a high price for your computer.

AutoCAD is perfect for both 3D and 2D drawing and is amazingly versatile, and it allows you to modify every prospect of the designing process. The insightful interface has been enhanced more in recent years, and now the programs make it even easier to find various functions accessible. You can produce and edit DWG files quickly, and the best part is that the AutoCAD is accessible to MAC and other platforms too.

The new version includes different improvements and tweaks, including improved online maps, animated help tips, better reality computing, and a fresh way of starting and launching drawings, and different other GUI developments.

Very tough for beginners:

AutoCAD Software is tough to use especially for beginners as it needs proper training and complete instructions to obtain the most out of it. It does not include wide help guide, but still, the beginners feel it tough to use.

Those individuals who are familiar with the AutoCAD software must be very careful while updating plans and designs because, if you create a design change, then AutoCAD does not update related files automatically. That is why it is important to find the particulars in the building section; also, you should remember to change the plan manually, which could be a little burdensome.

The biggest wall for several people will be mostly the cost.  This Autodesk AutoCAD software is considered as one of the most costly software that is available in the market. But, the power and complexity of it will be more than the cost for most experts. If you want a free and simple alternative, then try this FreeCAD.  Autodesk is the program’s developer that offers a large range of design courses, including the popular Autodesk Maya and Autodesk SketchBook.

The CAD tool of alternative for professionals and if you are looking for the outstanding options in CAD software, then make sure to get AutoCAD as it is the one of the best and available option.

Improved PDFs:  The PDF files produced from the AutoCAD designs are slighter. Besides, it is now easy to find what you want. The correlation between PDF and AutoCAD has been enhanced by including the hyperlinks of the documents to the program.

Neat Dimensioning: When you are designing the documents, you can preview the object dimensions before producing it.

Amazing Visual Experience: You can view all your designs clearly with more focus and details. Also, you can easily adjust AutoCAD graphic suitable to your Personal Computer. 

Coordination Model:  AutoCAD has enhanced tools to make the work of designers, architects responsible for the project in the building sector.

Sysvar monitor:  This software prevents unnecessary changes to your PC settings. It will caution you when any of these changes happened to your design.